2500P-ACP1 And Workbench Major Feature Upgrade


Product News : february 26th, 2019

CTI is pleased to announce release of a major feature upgrade for 2500P-ACP1 and Workbench.

This maintenance upgrade includes new firmware V4.09 for 2500P-ACP1 and a new V1.26 of the Workbench programming software.  Many new features and fixes are included, among them IP Aliasing (for allowing separate IP addresses / subnets for each port for the 2500P-ACP1) and the addition of an MQTT client capability which brings important IIOT features to the product.

The firmware upgrade is free and can be applied to any 2500P-ACP1 module.  The Workbench upgrade is free to all users with current maintenance on Workbench.

For complete information about the upgrade, see the ACP1 firmware release notes and the Workbench release notes.

This upgrade follows the CTI commitment to maintain backward compatibility whenever possible.  This means that the new Workbench can be used to build projects for ALL back revisions of the ACP1 module firmware.  Also, OLDER versions of Workbench can be used to build projects for ACP1 modules with the new V4.09 firmware.  Note however, that you must have V1.26 Workbench AND V4.09 firmware in order to make use of the newest features and fixes.

For technical advice about 2500 Series® products, please contact support@napa.fr