WEINTEK ® Product Announcement – MT8102iE & MT8103iE

May 26th,2016
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MT8102iE-8103iE product announcement


In 2009, Weintek unveiled MT8100i which was the first to adopt 10.1” 16:9 widescreen in the HMI market. Compared with 10.4” 4:3 HMI which had been widely used then, the 10.1” HMI not only offers a higher resolution (800×480 vs. 640×480), but also is priced competitively. Later in 2013, Weintek released MT8100iE, with CPU upgraded to Cortex A8 600MHz. Owing to that, MT8100iE runs more smoothly and boasts much shorter boot time; in addition, it benefits considerably from the richer functionalities and capabilities of the newer generation of software, the EasyBuilder Pro. Observing the market trend, almost all of the HMI manufacturers nowadays produce 10.1” model, furthermore, many adopt the same cutout dimension (192×138 mm) as MT8100i. This history clearly proves that Weintek leads HMI trends, by setting the HMI standards in the industry.


Being the lead, Weintek is not satisfied with the past success. Weintek continuously invest heavily in Research and Developments and devote to innovation, to meet its goal, which is not only to fulfill customers’ current needs, but also to foresee the future and always prepare ahead.


As the fourth industrial revolution takes shape, a growing number of customers require their HMIs to connect with ERP or other monitoring systems. Although Ethernet is the most widely used communication protocol between HMI and monitoring system, not every factory is built with Ethernet wiring taken into consideration. In this case, Wi-Fi connectivity comes to the best solution. Based on MT8101iE, Weintek introduces the two new models, MT8103iE and MT8102iE, where MT8103iE is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and MT8102iE is not. Both models adopt better LCD.


Designed with new technology, MT8102iE & MT8103iE boast many hardware upgrades over previous models. The powerful components can be packed into a lightweight (1.3kg à 1kg) and slimmer (40mm à 36.4mm) case. With DIP switch removed, the back cover of HMI is more stylish and sleek. The functions of DIP switch are implemented in easier manners. For example, show/hide system setting bar by configuring EasyBuilder Pro project; or enter the touchscreen calibration mode by touching the screen for 3 seconds after rebooting the HMI.


MT8102iE & MT8103iE are equipped with a 10.1″ higher resolution LCD (1024×600 pixels and 16.7M colors), wider viewing angle (T:60゚/ B:60゚/ L:70゚/ R:70゚), and longer lifespan (50,000 hours).


The Wi-Fi module embedded in MT8103iE is compliant with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless communication standards and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK secure connection modes, enabling HMI to send/collect vital data efficiently, accurately, and safely in harsh and complicated industrial environment



High performance:
●  Equipped with Cortex A8 600MHz CPU, 128MB Flash, and 128MB RAM.
●  Equipped with a 10.1″ TFT touchscreen capable of displaying up to 16.7M colors on a vivid 1024 x 600-pixel screen with wide viewing angle (T:60゚/ B:60゚/ L:70゚/ R:70゚).
Powerful connectivity:
●  Support more than 250 major manufacturers of PLC and controller.
High reliability:
●  The water penetration resistance avoids corrosion of the PCB, and the two industrial level protections: PCB coating and power isolation ensure HMI’s durability and reliability in any harsh environment.
Remote access service, EasyAccess2.0:
●  The EasyAccess 2.0 license is included with the MT8103iE, therefore it is not required to use an activation card to activate EasyAccess 2.0 service.


MT8100iE/MT8101iE/MT8102iE/MT8103iE Hardware Comparisons


MT8102iE/MT8103iE’s COM3 can either use RS-485 or RS-232. However, only Tx & Rx (no RTS/CTS) may be used for COM1 RS232 when COM3 RS-232 is also used

MT8100iE/MT8101iE/MT8102iE/MT8103iE COM Port Pin-out Comparisons