The 2500 Series® Slice I/O System is designed for use in a broad range of applications, including those that require discrete and analog control. It is compatible with the 2500 Series® System, and offers modularity down to a single module, without the need for an  I/O base and RBC.  Slice I/O modules operate from 24VDC power and communicate with a remote 2500 Series® CPU using Ethernet to read/write directly to the PLC memory or I/O image table.  This allows transparent integration into the 2500 Series® system without the requirement for any complicated configuration step.  Ethernet connection to the CPU can be accomplished using the on-board port on 2500-Cxxx Processors, or using a 2572 / 2572-A Ethernet module or the new ECC1.  Note that when using 2572 or 2572-A modules, Slice I/O can be connected even to legacy Siemens® and Texas Instruments® PLCs.

Several models of Slice I/O are available with different mixes of I/O and with additional communications options including RS232/485 and 900MHz radio.  Slice I/O modules feature Universal Analog Inputs which allow connection of 0-5V, 0-20mA, thermocouple, and RTD sensors.  All Slice I/O modules can also be configured to communicate over Ethernet using Modbus-TCP.