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cMT-G02 Smart Communication Gateway with HMI data processing capability


Product News : february 2nd, 2018   Product Introduction Integrating miscellaneous equipment for factory automation has never been an easy task. Since each machine uses different controller, when integrating with other IT/OT monitoring system, data transmission is limited because controllers use different protocols, and this is one of the obstacles that makes productivity improvement efforts […]

cMT3072 & cMT3103


Product News : january 12th 2018 Product Introduction As Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 trigger a sequence of industrial upgrades, the demand for machine integration and data interchange is also on the rise.

Communication Gateway cMT-G01


Product News:  february 15th, 2017 _Click here to open or download this Newsletter CREATE A SECURE OPC-UA INTERFACE BETWEEN YOUR PLCs AND SCADA/MES/ERP SYSTEMS  

  Product News:  february 3rd, 2017 _Click here to open or download this Newsletter WEINTEK®’s mTV series : an HMI without touch panel, satisfies the needs of a complicated manufacturing area    

Las CPU COMPACTAS de la Serie 2500® están disponibles


Nuevo Producto: el 27 de Septiembre de 2016 Haga clic aquí para abrir o descargar esta newsletter     CTI tiene el placer de presentarle su nueva familia de procesadores para los sistemas de la Serie 2500® Compacta Utilizando los mismos instrumentos de programación y los mismos protocolos de comunicación para las E/S, las bases remotas […]

CTI Announces Release of the 2500 Series® Compact CPU


Product News:  september 20th, 2016 Click here to open or download this Newsletter   The New 2500 Series® COMPACT CPU’s are here ! Big performance, small form factor       Featuring the same programming software, and the same communication, remote I/O and data sharing protocols as 2500 Series® Classic Processors, our new Compact Processors […]

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