Optigalv® : Automation solution for electrolytic surface treatment industries


Thanks to out partnership with Totalution and its 30 years of experience in the galvanisation field, NAPA International France now distributes the Optigalv® system, an optimized automated solution, flexible and modular for your plant. This unique solution can improve your productivity with a fast return on investment.


Fields of application: Any surface treatment with a sequence of baths in chemicals with or without applying an electric current of metallic or plastic artifacts:

Optigalv a

  • electro plating of zinc (alcalin or acid solution), nickel, chrome,
    copper, tin, brass, gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, silver….
  • galvanization
  • électropollishing
  • passivation stainless steel
  • burnishing
  • cataphoretic painting
  • aluminium anodizing
  • manganese phosphating
  • chemical, electrical or ultrasonic degreasing
  • chemical or electrochemical oxiding
  • dip coating











 Optigalv® is the intelligent solution for your electro-plating line (electro-galvanic plant). The fact that it can be composed of around ten tanks and a single crane or extend to 200 containers and 8 cranes or more, is not an issue.

NAPA International France is responsible for defining your initial requirements (including safety issues), Optigalv® initial configuration, interfacing with other contractors (electricity, mechanic and metal workers…),  tests, commissioning, fine tuning, operator training (very short), and helping you writing your first production recipes. NAPA then supports you both on the phone or remotely, possibly on site if required and proposes future development whenever your plant requires further modernization.








  • Budweg Caliper A/S (galvanization) : brake calipers
  • Chem-Tec Plating A/S (anodizing, electroplating of gold, silver, tin, nickel – chemical or electrochemical, chrome – bright, mat, black …) : automobile, electronics (mobile phones), electrical control panels, medical equipment, …
  • Esbjerg Galvanoindustri (chemical pickling, chemical polishing and electro-polishing, galvanization) : food and beverage, mechanics, offshore industry …
  • Georg Jensen Sølvsmedje (dorure, argenture, paladium,nickelage, chromage, …): bijoux, montres, coutellerie, accessoires de décoration
  • GPV-Group (electroplating of gold, silver, tin, nickel, palladium, chrome, …): jewels, watches, cutlery, home artifacts
  • ITW Screws, ex NKT (galvanization, …) : screws and anchors
  • Medzes components in Latvia (nickel, chrome, …) : industry and hospital furniture
  • Nordic Overfladebehandling A/S (all surface treatment such as galvanization, nickel, chrome, tin plating, …): all industries
  • Roskilde Galvanisering (galvanization, alcalin nickel, passivation …) : all industries
  • Stjerne-Chrom (aluminium anodizing, pickling, tinning, nickeling, passivation, électro-polishing, black oxidizing, galvanization, …)  army, all industries
  • Sydjydsk EL-Galvanisering a/s (passivation, electro-chroming) : audio electronics
  • Tajco Group (galvanization) : high quality exhaust trims

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