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CTI Announces Release of 2557-A 16-Channel Isolated RTD Module


    CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2557-A 16-Channel Isolated RTD Input Module for 2500 Series® Classic I/O. The 2557-A replaces the older 2557 and uses a removeable field wiring connector. This new connector makes module swaps easy, since it can be simply unplugged from the old module and plugged onto […]

CTI Announces Release of 2500P-J750 “Janus” Processor


Product News: May 18, 2020 CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2500P-J750 “Janus” Programmable Automation Controller.  The Janus Processor sets a new standard in communications capabilities for PLCs.  Programmed using Janus Workbench, our new IEC standards-based development tool, Janus supports all IEC-61131-3 Programming Languages.  Integrated communications, configured in Workbench, allows connection using 10 […]

Brand-new Upgraded cMT X Series – cMT3092X / cMT3152X / cMT3162X


Product Introduction As if an all-round superman, HMI nowadays is empowered with a wide variety of capabilities, such as data display, machine control, data storage, PLC communication, protocol translation, graphical display, alarm notification, media playback, and IIoT integration. For an advanced HMI, these capabilities are perceived as basic requirements, but at the same time they […]

cMT-CTRL01: IIoT Controller


Product Introduction As IIoT brings in the wave of Industrial 4.0 revolution, users are eagerly searching for ways to retrofit legacy factory with smart capabilities. To help facilitate this process, Weintek has integrated CODESYS and IIoT Gateway and released cMT-CTRL01, the IIoT Programmable Logic Controller. The new model with built-in CODESYS, in addition to working […]

cMT-CTRL01: IIoT PLC, a Perfect Solution for Industry 4.0


As IIoT brings in the wave of Industrial 4.0 revolution, retrofitting legacy factory with smart capabilities has become trend of future manufacturing. In addition to high performance, the next generation PLC should also have powerful peripheral connectivity to fulfill IIoT demands. Responding to this trend, Weintek has integrated CODESYS and IIoT Gateway and released the […]



Product Introduction EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a high performance and very efficient Ethernet-based fieldbus system applicable for various types of devices in the industrial network systems. Thanks to these advantages, it is one of the most widely adopted industrial Ethernet technologies, and has gradually become a standard communication interface in the industrial […]

iR-PU01-P: 1-Axis Motion Control Module


  PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Amid the rapid advancement of machine automation, motion control still remains one of the most important technologies; meanwhile, related products with different level of complexity have flooded the market. Having invested heavily in research for an easy-to-use, integrated motion control solution, Weintek now presents iR-PU01-P, a single axis motion control module. This […]

Release of 2556-A 16-Channel Isolation Thermocouple Input Module


   CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2556-A 16-Channel Isolated Thermocouple Input Module for 2500 Series® Classic I/O.  The 2556-A replaces the older 2556 and uses a removeable field wiring connector – the same as used by the 2559-TC 8-Channel Thermcouple Input Module.  This new connector (2559-FPC, ordered separately) makes module swaps […]

2513-A Power Supply with Redundancy Support


CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2513-A, 75-Watt DC Power Supply with Redundancy Support. This product provides a solution for operating from DC power with support for redundancy mode using 2500-R11-A bases. Features   Replaces Siemens® 505-6663 and 505-6663-A   Input voltage 20-30VDC   Up to 75 watts @ +5VDC to power […]

WEINTEK New Product Announcement – cMT Gateway G03/G04


Product News : october 10th, 2018   Product Introduction As the wave of IIoT strikes the industry and the value of information gradually gains attention, retrofitting existing systems for IIoT enablement brooks no delay. While cMT Series Gateway: cMT-G01/G02 has been helping a great number of users overcome obstacles related to connecting miscellaneous devices to […]