Communication IIoT Gateway


  • OPC UA server and client
    Certified OPC UA server
    Authorization can be enabled with username/password and X.509 certificate
  • MQTT server and client
  • Data logger (EBPro V6.01.02)
    Can synchronize to database servers
  • Event detector (EBPro V6.01.02)
    Events can also be synchronized to database servers
    Support email events
  • EasyAccess 2.0 – remote access your machine
  • Macros for automating day-to-day work or unit conversion
  • Model-specific features
    Ethernet separation – secure your machine network
    Support Wi-Fi


    4 models depending on your need :












    cMT Serie Brochure




    cMT Gateway Presentation (diaporama)           



    Since deploying MQTT isn’t an easy task, it’s much easier to use major cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT…
    See how to proceed in this presentation (diaporama)