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CTI Announces release of Janus Workbench (JSoft) v1.89 Integrated Development Environment, now supporting  the Janus Application Coprocessor 2500P-JACP.

cti_announces_release_of_janus_workbench_(jsoft)_v1.89_integrated_development_environment,_now_supporting _the janus_application_coprocessor_2500p-jacp.

Product News : march 30th , 2023 CTI Announces Release of V1.89 Janus Workbench (JSoft) Integrated Development Environment for Janus Processors, compatible with new JANUS 2500P-JACP & 2500P-ACP1 (firmware V2.0 or later) Co-processors, Classic JANUS CPU 2500P–J750 and Compact 2500C–J750. New  Features and Enhancements: see Revision history 1.89   Download latest version 1.89 Updated Product Information Bulletin see 2500P-WB-USB JANUS Workbench SOFTWARE IEC-61131-3 Page for […]

CTI announces release of V.9.24 Firmware upgrade for 2500 Series® Processors


Product News , march 22nd 2023 CTI is pleased to announce release of V9.24 maintenance upgrade firmware on all 2500 Series® Classic and Compact Processors. This is a minor release which corrects a couple problems and  adds more Profibus statistics for help in solving Profibus problems. See the V9.24 release notes Processor Firmware for download […]



Product news july 27, 2022 We are pleased to announce release V3.0.0 of FTSolution for APT® which includes the following new features: The FTSolution for APT® version that compiled the Project can be displayed. The Compile and Download reports list the FTSolution for APT® version that created them. The Object and Hardware Debugger files and the Compile and Download reports […]

CTI Announces Release of 2500C-J750 Compact “Janus” Processor


  CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2500C-J750 Compact Janus Programmable Automation Controller.  The Janus Processor sets a new standard in communications capabilities for PLCs.  Programmed using Janus Workbench, our IEC standards-based development tool, Janus supports all IEC-61131-3 Programming Languages.  Integrated communications, configured in Janus Workbench, allows connection using 11 different industrial […]

CTI Announces Release of 2557-A 16-Channel Isolated RTD Module


    CTI is pleased to announce the release of the 2557-A 16-Channel Isolated RTD Input Module for 2500 Series® Classic I/O. The 2557-A replaces the older 2557 and uses a removeable field wiring connector. This new connector makes module swaps easy, since it can be simply unplugged from the old module and plugged onto […]

CTI Announces Release of V1.21 Firmware Upgrade for Janus Processors


New Release of 2500 Series® Janus Processors. V1.21 includes several enhancements and bug fixes. See the V1.21 revision history for details Download Janus PAC firmware v.1.21 Product Information Bulletin Updated Installation & Operation Guide 1.11 Updated Quick Start Guide         see 2500 Series® Janus Processors Page for more information. New Release of Janus WorkBench 1.78 compatible with: 2500P-ACP1 […]

CTI Announces Maturity of 2513 75-Watt 24VDC Power Supply


Product News: February 01, 2022 The functions and features of this product have been directly replaced by the new 2513-A 75-Watt 24VDC Power Supply which adds support for Redundancy Operation in 2500-R11-A bases.  Maturity of the 2513 is effective immediately and new 2513-A units are available from stock now. 2513 Product Maturity Announcement 2513-A 75-Watt 24VDC Power […]

CTI announces release of V.9.22 Firmware upgrade for 2500 Series® Processors


Product News : December 10, 2021 CTI is pleased to announce release of a maintenance upgrade for firmware on all 2500 Series® Processors. V9.22 includes security patches for the Entegrity operating system and improvements to Profibus processing.  It also includes some enhancements to the web diagnostics and a new Profibus I/O Statistics page. See the V9.22 […]