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FTSolution for APT® V2.1.1 available now !


Product News : february 14th, 2019 We are pleased to announce the new release V2.1.1 of FTSolution for APT® which incorporates: Four new reports including: I/O Symbol Table, Device Table, Declarations Table, Recipes Table An update to the Download report to include any change of the CPU operational mode while downloading a Project A new setting in the Configuration Editor […]

Using Ethernet Port Isolation on the 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Coprocessor


January 07, 2019 ECC1 Ethernet Communication card provides 2 Ethernet communication ports. Recently a feature has been added called Ethernet Port Isolation. This allows for several possibilities to connect the module to one or two Ethernet networks. This paper aims to give an overview of the connection possibilities….   Click below to download the application […]

FTSolution for APT® V2.0.1 available now !


FTSolution for APT® V2.0.1 Product News : october 31rst, 2018 We are pleased to inform you that a maintenance release FTSolution for APT® V2.0.1 was released in October 2018. Click here to vieux the complete version details.   This new version of FTSolution for APT®, available for free download on FasTrak’s website, can be immediately […]

CTI 2500 Series® CPU: Firmware Upgrade V9.16


Product News : october 25th Available now !   We are pleased to announce release of a maintenance upgrade for firmware on all 2500 Series® Processors.   CPU Firmware Revision History Processor Firmware for download This new firmware V9.16 fixes several outstanding issues, including possible flash memory corruption which can cause the Processor to start […]

WEINTEK New Product Announcement – cMT Gateway G03/G04


Product News : october 10th, 2018   Product Introduction As the wave of IIoT strikes the industry and the value of information gradually gains attention, retrofitting existing systems for IIoT enablement brooks no delay. While cMT Series Gateway: cMT-G01/G02 has been helping a great number of users overcome obstacles related to connecting miscellaneous devices to […]

WEINTEK® New Product Announcement – cMT-iM21: 21.5″


Product News : october 3rd, 2018 Product Introduction cMT-iM21 is a new generation touchscreen monitor exclusively designed for industrial applications. Equipped with HDMI video input, Full HD display and 21.5” large screen, this touchscreen monitor product is able to display UI and large amount of data with stunning clarity. While it adopts a very compact […]

How Can I Protect My Network Against Ethernet Traffic Storms?


Tech Tip : september 10th, 2018               As the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) gains traction on plant floors around the globe, it is more important than ever to understand and protect against unwanted Ethernet traffic. Our current Tech Tip provides an overview of the risks of Ethernet traffic storms […]

FTSolution for APT® V1.3.6 available now !


Product News : may 15th 2018   We are pleased to inform you that FTSolution for APT® V1.3.6 is available for download. Click here to view the complete version details.   This new version of FTSolution for APT®, available for free download on FasTrak’s website, can be immediately installed and used if a license is […]