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The 2505 Vibration Sensor Interface Module  provides four vibration inputs to the CTI 2500 Series® or Simatic® 505® I/O base. The module is configurable to interface to accelerometers, velocity probes, or proximity probes plus a tachometer input.



The 2502 is a high-speed counter module designed to count incoming pulses from external sensors and provide process control outputs based on count status.


The 2553-A is designed for precise measurement of mag meter or turbine meter pulses both at low speeds and high speeds (Reflex Counter Mode). The 2553-A can also be used to compensate for measurement errors due to wheel wobble (N-tooth counting mode).



The 2554-A is an isolated 4-channel high-speed counter input module. Each channel can operate in one of three selectable modes: frequency, period, or general counter. In addition, two channels may be configured together for quadrature mode operation.

2541 Redundant Processor Manager Module


The 2541 Redundant Processor Manager (RPM) provides an automatic backup solution for CTI 2500 Series® or Simatic® 505® Programmable Controllers. If  the active processor fails, the RPM will automatically switch the remote I/O to the standby processor.