• With the cMT Serie, you can design your HMI architectures in client
    server configuration for a higher level of flexibility and increased productivity
  • 4 solutions
    • Supports several client platforms
    • wireless access (with iPad ou Android tablet device)
    • Communication through Modbus gateway (to Profinet, BACnet, CANopen,
    MPI, MC Protocol)
    • Remote access (via EasyAccess2.0 VPN)
  • Supports over 300 communication drivers, including CAMP protocol
    to communicate with CTI 2500 Series® PLC









cMT Serie Brochure


HMI servers handle basic tasks such as communication with PLCs, inverters, positioners and more thru various protocols, alarm and event management, recipe management, macro execution etc…

Possible choices for WEINTEK® SERVERS HMI DEVICES_ Servers without screen :



cMT-SVR-100, cMT-SVR-102,cMT-SVR-200,cMT-SVR-202 are pure data server stations and cannot have screens. Display is only possible on HMI clients.


HMI clients run the cMT-Viewer application on iPad, Android tablet device, Windows panel PC or cMT-iV6 HMI. The cMT-Viewer application includes user friendly HMI functionalities. You can quickly navigate through graphic pages to monitor different machines. Additionally, cMT-Viewer is perfectly integrated within the cMT-iV6 tactile screen and tablet devices, making them as easy to use as smartphones.