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FTVersionTrak & FTVersionTrak PE V1.9.0


Product News : march 22 nd 2018 We are pleased to inform you that FTVersionTrak / FTVersionTrak PE V1.9.0 is available for download. As shown below, the enhanced features and solutions available in this new version can be used within FTVersionTrak and PLC WorkShop SuperSuites, but also restrictively within FTVersionTrak PE as part of FasTrak’s […]

FTSolution for APT® V1.3.5 available now !


Product News : march 5th 2018   We are pleased to inform you that FTSolution for APT® V1.3.5 is available for download. This new release incorporates an important number of features and solutions including the fix for the previously explained  « Out of Memory » issue.   Click here to view the complete version details. This new […]

cMT-G02 Smart Communication Gateway with HMI data processing capability


Product News : february 2nd, 2018   Product Introduction Integrating miscellaneous equipment for factory automation has never been an easy task. Since each machine uses different controller, when integrating with other IT/OT monitoring system, data transmission is limited because controllers use different protocols, and this is one of the obstacles that makes productivity improvement efforts […]

Communication Gateway cMT-G01


Product News:  february 15th, 2017 _Click here to open or download this Newsletter CREATE A SECURE OPC-UA INTERFACE BETWEEN YOUR PLCs AND SCADA/MES/ERP SYSTEMS  

  Product News:  february 3rd, 2017 _Click here to open or download this Newsletter WEINTEK®’s mTV series : an HMI without touch panel, satisfies the needs of a complicated manufacturing area    

Replacement of Siemens ET200B by CTI’s 2500 Series® Compact I/O


Product News:  november 28th, 2016 Click here to open or download this Newsletter CTI 2500 Series® Compact I/O to Replace Aging Siemens ET200B Block I/O for US-based Global Manufacturer A US-based division of a global manufacturer was using Siemens ET200B Distributed I/O Stations connected via Profibus-DP to Siemens/TI 545 or CTI 2500 Series C200 PLCs […]

Tech Tips/ Power supplies : time to replace ?


Tech Tips : October 13, 2016 Click here to open or download this Newsletter     ROCK SOLID PERFORMANCE.  TIMELESS COMPATIBILITY Power Supplies : Time to replace ? Power supplies are often the weakest point of an otherwise highly reliable process control system.  While the typical operating life of process control equipment can often exceed 25 […]

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