How Can I Protect My Network Against Ethernet Traffic Storms?

Tech Tip : september 10th, 2018








As the « Industrial Internet of Things » (IIoT) gains traction on plant floors around the globe, it is more important than ever to understand and protect against unwanted Ethernet traffic. Our current Tech Tip provides an overview of the risks of Ethernet traffic storms and some steps you can take to prevent or mitigate against them.

Our latest Tech Tip covers all three types of Ethernet traffic — unicast, multicast and broadcast — and the potential problems that too much of any type of traffic can cause.  We also discuss several possible solutions for preventing and/or mitigating against each type of traffic storm.

As you probably know, CTI offers a variety of products to add Ethernet connectivity to CTI 2500 Series® and SIMATIC/TI 505® controls systems.  Choices range from fast Ethernet interface modules to full-featured co-processing modules to fully compatible, feature-rich 2500 Series CPUs.

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Click here to download the Tech Tip on Improving Reliability in Ethernet Control Networks in PDF format