CTI Announces Maturity of 2513 75-Watt 24VDC Power Supply

Product News: February 01, 2022

The functions and features of this product have been directly replaced by the new 2513-A 75-Watt 24VDC Power Supply which adds support for Redundancy Operation in 2500-R11-A bases.  Maturity of the 2513 is effective immediately and new 2513-A units are available from stock now.

2513 Product Maturity Announcement
2513-A 75-Watt 24VDC Power Supply with Redundancy Support


Power supplies : Time to replace ?

A variety of power supply solutions are available which differ in their input voltage and load capacity. Our AC supplies feature automatic voltage switching and provide up to 100W of power to the base.  They also feature a much longer hold-up time than available in the Siemens® power supply.

Did you know that periodic replacement of power supplies is one of the best preventive measures you can take to ensure continued smooth operation of your PLC system?  Find out why in our article PLC Power Supply Replacement.