CTI Announces Release of 2.25 Firmware upgrade for 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communication Co-Processor

Product News: January 17, 2022


CTI is pleased to announce release of a maintenance upgrade for firmware on 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet
 Communications Co-processor.  V2.25 corrects a problem where opening and closing connections more than 995 times caused a system exception.
See the release notes.

Please be informed that this bug occurs in Firmware version 2.24.  The behaviour of the bug is that after a certain time, depending on the application configured in the card,  the 2500P-ECC1 will reset and resume working. This bug does not occur in versions prior to 2.24.

This bug is solved in Firmware version 2.25. If you upgraded your 2500P-ECC1 cards to version 2.24 then it is mandatory to upgrade to version 2.25 in order to resolve this issue.

More information posted on 2500P-ECC1 Product Page