CTI Announces Release of V1.21 Firmware Upgrade for Janus Processors

New Release of 2500 Series® Janus Processors. V1.21 includes several enhancements and bug fixes.
See the V1.21 revision history for details





see 2500 Series® Janus Processors Page for more information.
New Release of Janus WorkBench 1.78 compatible with:
  • 2500P-ACP1 Applications Co-processor Firmware V2.03 or later
  • Classic: 2500P-J750 (all firmware versions)



Janus Workbench (JSoft) Integrated Development Environment.  JSoft is a powerful Windows-based tool for developing and debugging automation applications on Janus Processors and on the 2500P-ACP1 Advanced Communication Coprocessor.  Workbench supports applications development in all five languages of the IEC-61131-3 standard. V1.78 includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes and is a recommended upgrade.




see 2500P-WB-USB JANUS Workbench SOFTWARE IEC-61131-3 Page for more information.


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