With CODESYS option, your Weintek® HMI is enriched with a real soft-API that allows you to control the Weintek® iR Series I / O.




CODESYS is a development environment for programming controller applications according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3.

All five programming languages for application programming defined in the IEC 61131-3 are available in the CODESYS development environment :

  • IL (instruction list) is an assembler like programming language
  • ST(structured text) is similar to programming in Pascal or C
  • LD(ladder diagram) enables the programmer to virtually combine relay contacts and coils
  • FBD(function block diagram) enables the user to rapidly program both Boolean and analogue expressions
  • SFC(sequential function chart) is convenient for programming sequential processes and flows


Additional graphical editor available in CODESYS not defined in the IEC standard:

  • CFC (Continuous Function Chart) is a sort of freehand FBD editor. Other than in the network-oriented FBD editor where the connections between inputs, operators and outputs are set automatically they have to be drawn by the programmer. All boxes can be placed freely which makes it possible to program feedback loops without interim variables.



Codesys License Activation Card for 1 HMI.





With the activation card you are able to activate CODESYS on HMI. Supported HMI’s are:

cMT-3071 (7″)

cMT3072 (7″)

cMT3090 (9″)

cMT3103 (10″)

cMT3151 (15″)


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