How to easily and quickly set IP addresses

Tech Tip : october 26,2017

Our current Tech Tip provides detailed instructions on how to easily and quickly set IP addresses for your Ethernet-enabled CTI 2500 Series® products.


CTI offers a variety of products to add Ethernet connectivity to CTI 2500 Series® and SIMATIC/TI 505® controls systems.  Choices range from fast Ethernet interface modules to full-featured co-processing modules to fully compatible, feature-rich 2500 Series® CPUs.

Our latest Tech Tip will walk you through how to properly set the IP address for each of our Ethernet-enabled products, including the 2572-B/-A, 2500P-ECC1, 2500P-ACP1 and 2500-Cxxx CPUs.  If you wish to set the IP address on your 2572-B/-A using the PLC program, we have created a special Tech Tip just for you as this method is quite a bit more involved (click the link below).  Other methods of setting the IP address for the  2572-B/-A are covered in the more general Tech Tip.

Don’t miss the Appendices which provide some helpful insight into IP Addressing and how to convert the CIDR format we use on the front-panel displays for the subnet mask into dotted decimal format.

Tech Tip on Setting the IP Address on CTI Products in PDF format

Tech Tip on Setting the IP Address Using the PLC for 2572-A and 2572-B Products in PDF format

Setting the IP Address on 2572-A and 2572-B using the PLC(Example Workshop Program)

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