Version V5.20 of PLC WorkShop for CTI/505® released by FasTrak SoftWorks

Product News 07/19/2021
We are pleased to announce V5.20 of PLC WorkShop (505WorkShop) which incorporates:

• The ability to insert and append lines in Special Function windows without scrolling
• The ability to display new modules in the Profibus Configurator window without scrolling

Click here to view the complete details of this version.

This new version, available for free download on FasTrak’s website, can be immediately installed and used if your license is covered by a maintenance agreement. If maintenance has expired for less than two years, a reinstated maintenance agreement can be purchased. Should you need help to determine the maintenance status of your license, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

For obtaining the full benefit of offline program simulation and the security of version control and automated backup, we recommend users of the 505WorkShop standalone software to migrate their license to the 505WorkShop Suite or 505WorkShop SuperSuite.


* Important *

Program files created and saved by Version V4.80 and higher will not be accessible by older versions of WorkShop due to an updated program file format in V4.80. Attempting to open the newer program file in an older version of WorkShop will result in an “Error reading FSS file” message. V4.80 and higher, up to latest version, WILL accept program files created and saved in all earlier versions of WorkShop. WorkShop will warn you if you attempt to save a program file to a new format, which will allow you save a backup copy of the file if necessary.

To see which version of 505WorkShop you are running, select the Help\About menu item.
The version number is displayed on the first line of the About box