FTSolution for APT® V2.2.1

We are pleased to announce the new release V2.2.1 of FTSolution for APT® which incorporates:

  • New reports for:
    505 & Profibus I/O Modules
    Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
    Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
    Subroutine Table
    Recipe Template
    Process Groups
    Communication Setup
  • Ability to display line numbers in the source Code Behind
  • Other performance improvements










Click here to view the complete version details
(check previous internal V2.2.0 version and latest official V2.2.1 for obtaining full release and feature information).


This new version of FTSolution for APT®, available for free download from FasTrak’s website, can be immediately installed and used if your license is covered by a maintenance agreement. If you need help to determine the maintenance status of your license or if you are interested in FTSolution for APT® software, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Detailed information about FTSolution for APT® software and its Options is also available on our website, just click here.


Download latest version now by taking note of below important technical information.