• SCADA / HMI migration services (analysis, design,execution,
    testing, installation)

  • System audit (migration, modernization
    and Smart Modernization™_How to extend your ROI …)

  • Specific request (as needed)








NAPA International France is committed to supporting each client on the complete implementation of their projects: from installation to maintenance, through the training of your teams and local partners.






SCADA / HMI Migration Services

NAPA is able to assist you or take complete responsibility in the following SCADA/HMI migration tasks :

> Analysis: extract as much information as possible from the existing SCADA/HMI system to ascii/xls/xlm files

> Design: in order to have the operators as comfortable and confident as possible with the new system, one of our main objectives is to keep the interface as close as possible to the existing one. Design each functionality of the old SCADA/HMI in the new system: Graphics, Alarms, Historian, User management, specific macro, and any other functionality. Use the new features of the new SCADA/HMI system where it makes sense for the operators.

> Execution: use tools from previous migrations to automate the configuration of the new system as much as possible. Duplication of graphic views is generally the most time consuming task (so number and complexity of views is a key parameter for migration cost)

> Testing: integration testing with the old and new HMI test platforms in parallel. Factory Acceptance Test

> Installation: site installation and Site Acceptance Test




System Audit





NAPA can perform a system audit
of your TI505® / CTI® PLC installed base.






A system audit will take several aspects of your installation into account:
  • Installed hardware base
  • Application software
  • Programming software
  • Data Network and fieldbus networks
  • Communications with SCADA and HMI systems
  • Communications with other third party devices






The results of a system audit will give you better insights in:
  • The sustainability of your system
  • Improvements and sustainability of your programming software
  • Solutions to recurring failures
  • Optimization of your application software
  • Optimization and performance gains in data communication
  • Reliability of field networks
  • Better operational procedures
  • Overall availability of your system
  • An investment plan to modernize your installations









Your decision to extend your ROI will become obvious  between migration, modernization  or Smart Modernization™


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Control System Modernization:
Why Migrate When You Can Choose Smart ModernizationTM ?









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