• Wide screens 12″ and 15″ with
    aluminum enclosure

  • 9.7″ screens with plastic enclosure

  • Built-in power isolation avoids surges and
    ensures HMI reliability

  • Wide viewing angle (up to 70°) improves monitoring

  • Screen size and resolution allow more details in your
    machine or process views

  • Configurable with EasyBuilder Pro

  • Supports over 300 communication drivers, including CAMP protocol to communicate with CTI 2500 Series® PLC
  • Built-in isolated RS-485 (MT8121XE / MT8150XE) avoids potential ground  difference problems and ensures your HMI is reliable even in complex grounding environment
  • PCB coating protection increases reliability of your HMI especially in harsh environments (improved humidity, dust and corrosion resistance)

  • Powerful Cortex A8 1GHz CPU sets benchmark in HMI performance
    • Booting speed : 12 s
    • PLC data transfer rate : 540 bytes/s
    • JPEG file display time : 2Mb/10 page within 0.4 s

  • A wide choice of models depending on your requirement : size (9.7″, 12.1″, 15″), brightness (350, 400, 500 cd/m²), resolution, color palette, memory size etc…