We are pleased to announce the new release V2.2.3 of FTSolution for APT® which incorporates:

  • Syntax Check option for CTI 2500 Series® and TI/505® controllers, which enables users to check a program for errors that would prevent the controller from entering Run mode.
  • Other performance improvements

Click here to view the complete version details

This new version of FTSolution for APT®, available for free download from FasTrak’s website, can be immediately installed and used if your license is covered by a maintenance agreement. If you need help to determine the maintenance status of your license or if you are interested in FTSolution for APT® software, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Detailed information about FTSolution for APT® software and its Options is also available on our website, just click here.

Download latest version now by taking note of below important technical information.