Weintek® Solutions

Founded in 1996, Weintek® specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art HMI solutions.
From its head office in Taiwan, Weintek® operates through a professional network of distribution partners present in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Beginning 2016, NAPA INTERNATIONAL FRANCE, international business partner of CTI® (Control Technology Inc.) for its industrial automation products and solutions, joined Weintek®’s worldwide distribution network in order to offer its global customers a complementary range of high quality and competitive HMI products.


In 2009, Weintek® introduced its first touchscreen HMI color panels in 16:9 widescreen format.
This innovative product launch influenced the HMI market at that time mainly focused on black and white or 256 color screens with sizes between 5” and 10”.
These innovative panels, configured with a powerful, intuitive and free of charge configuration software (EasyBuilder), led Weintek® to an impressive sales development within 5 years.

In 2013, Weintek® introduced its newest HMI generation of products (iE Series : MT8071iE (7”) and MT8101iE (10.1”)).
The iE Series is fully compatible with the former generation but offers a more powerful processor greatly improving the panels’ performance, efficiency of operations and ease of use.

Today, Weintek® pursues its growth through product innovation, introducing the CloudHMI concept (cMT Series). iPad® and other tablet PCs have become consumer products and are more and more frequently used in the industrial world.
The CloudHMI cMT Series perfectly integrates HMI and tablet PCs allowing operators to take full advantage of these modern tools at the factory floor level.
The Weintek® range of products provides you with over 300 free communication drivers. No doubt you will find the driver you need to easily communicate with your devices and develop your HMI project in record time and at an unbeatable price.

Invest in innovative solutions and products from Weintek®, manufactured in compliance with the highest international quality standards.

XE, iE and cMT series panels support OPC UA as Client OPC UA.JPG


Their configuration is done with EasyBuilder Pro: a free and easy to use software.


XE Serie HMI

Cortex A8 – 1GHz

Large screen sizes ranging from 9,7’’ to 15’’


 iE Serie HMI

Cortex A8- 600 MHZ

Ultra Slim form factor, screen sizes ranging from 4.3’’ to 10.1’’





mTV Series : Smart HMI solutions on HDMI


mTV100_3Machine TV Interface

HDMI output allows displaying projects on any sizes of TV / LCD monitors with HDMI interface




 cMT Serie


Client/server solutions

with or without   soft-PLC  , with or without Weintek® Remote I/O, iR Series.

Connect multiple screens (including mobile Android, iPhone …) in a client / server HMI architecture

Programm  soft-PLC   compatible IEC61131 & control Weintek® Remote I/O, iR Series. with Modbus or Canopen.









cMT-iM21 is a new generation touchscreen monitor with HDMI connection, exclusively designed for industrial applications.







An IIoT Programming Logic Controller that integrates CODESYS and Gateway











 WEINTEK® Remote I/O’s




Smart Communication Gateways cMT-G04 (Ethernet bridge), cMT-G03 (serial bridge), cMT-G02 (with WiFi),  cMT-G01

Connect all your PLC to IIoT with OPC UA or MQTT and your SCADA/MES/ERP systems

  • Seamless integration and Machine Upgrade














EasyAccess 2.0 card